April 27, 2007

Media Blitz

Thanks to the new Bill Moyers documentary "Buying the War" the diamond monocle of the nation's elite is turning back to the media's role in promoting the Iraq war. It's another great opportunity for the media bigwigs to hem and haw and make up some nicery about how they couldn't help but act as a mouthpiece for the Bush administration instead of realizing the fact that they could see the president's shriveled unit might imply that he wasn't wearing clothes.

On the bright side, we have gotten to hear some great voices of opposition, such as Glen Greenwald of Salon, calling the media to task . Check out his regular column/blog.

Some media dude today on Dianne Rheim offered some BS excuse that you can't expect the media to be "ahead of the opposition party." You have got to be kidding me. Does he realize how stupid that sounds? Apparently, instead of investigating claims made by Bush Co., the media should simply report what they're told because the Democrats haven't brought up any points in opposition. Without Democratic support, their hands are tied. Give me a break. In the real world, Democratic support existed in the form of a favorite punching bag Ted Kennedy (who at the time was downright prophetic) but was completely ignored.

Since when is the media constrained to representing a political party? Since when is reporting the truth and pointing out falshood considered political speech? Since when is it the role of the media mediate between the controling parties of government?

(The picture is "Join, or Die" by Benjamin Franklin via USFlag.org)

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