April 30, 2007

The Future's Pretty Funny

Earlier, I failed to mention the most obvious overestimated visions of a future now past. The date is even in the title:

2001: A Space Odyssey.

It's 2007, Dave, what's the hold up? Answer - Shut up, Hal.

The only technologies presented in the movie that we actually have in the year 2007 are classical music, bone clubs and monkey suits. Some folks over at jacksfilms have done a great send up of this epically confusing movie. It gets funnier as it gets going.

(via milkandcookies)


Anonymous said...

that was awesome

Quan P Jublic said...

Yah, apes make me laugh every time.

I meant to mention this in your earlier post on futurism gone awry, but have you read any Olaf Stapledon? His books Last and First Men (1930) and Star Maker (1937) will tear your mind a new one. I've only read a few bits and pieces, but what I've seen is real top notch stuff. In Last and First Man he projects the future history of mankind two billion years hence. Unfortunately, he completely screws up, for example, what would happen in the late 1930's. Plus, it has some good old fashion ethnic stereotyping to boot. Those saucy Italians just can't keep their hands off those prudish Brits!*

* Not really. Well, not entirely.

theunbeatablekid said...

i've never heard of that guy. with a name like olaf stapledon, i would follow him to the pits of hell.