March 28, 2007

Big Boy the Sepoy

The King of Saudia Arabia has called the US war in Iraq an occupation. So, is the US effort a form of colonization or not? A show on Open Source Radio brought up some interesting ideas concerning this question by investigating the so-called Sepoy Mutiny (Indians call it the First War of Indian Independence) which led to the undeniable colonization of India by Britain. I'm not going to discuss my conclusions about the Britain in India and the US in Iraq in this post. Maybe later. I will say that a complete evaluation of the US occupation of Iraq should compare it with not only the British colonization of India but also the British colonization of Iraq.

I recommend a listen here:

and for those of you that are "readers" check this out:

"It was literally murder . . . The women were all spared but their screams, on seeing their husbands and sons butchered, were most painful . . . I feel no pity, but when some old grey bearded man is brought and shot before your very eyes, hard must be that man's heart I think who can look on with indifference . . ."
-Edward Vibart, a 19-year-old British officer

Indian Soldiers Being Executed by British Canons

(picture via indhistory)

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